Cliven Bundy Trial


The Cliven Bundy federal criminal trial started with jury selection on October 30, 2017. The defendants in this trial are as follows:

  • Cliven Bundy, age 71, large equipment operator for┬áV O Ranches and Construction LLC (Cliven’s wife Carol Bundy is the name on the business), melon farmer, cattle rancher. Group(s): Sagebrush rebellion.
  • Ryan Bundy, age 45, Cliven’s oldest child, owns a small construction company in Utah, was run over by a vehicle when he was 7, paralyzing part of his face. Group(s): Sovereign citizen, sagebrush rebellion.
  • Ammon Bundy, age 42, owner of a car fleet business in Arizona, lives in Idaho, led the Malheur Refuge takeover in Oregon in 2016 with his brothers Ryan and Mel and militant Ryan Payne. Group(s): Sagebrush rebellion.
  • Ryan Payne, age 33, Montana electrician, head of Operation Mutual Aid, the group that rallied militants across the country to provide armed support for Cliven Bundy. Group(s): Sovereign citizen, militia.




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